What is God saying to you?

  1. Considering the message today, what do you think God is saying to you?
  2. What is hard about asking for help?
  3. Have you ever struggled asking for help? Share a story.
  4. Have you experience Gods healing your life? Share a story.
  5. If you could as God to heal you from something what would it be?
  6. If you were the women in the story, would you reach out to touch Jesus?  What would prevent you from doing it?

Bible Study

  1. Read the sermon on the mount (Luke 8:43-48)
  2. What does the law say about people bleeding?
  3. How do you maintain a relationship with God under the Old Testament Law?
  4. What in the significance of the women touching Jesus robe according to Old Testament Law?
  5. What is the power that left Jesus?

What will you do?

  1. What is in your life that is preventing you from asking God for help?
  2. What would you like God’s power to look like in your life today for you to experience a “…remove our defects of character…”?

Life Group Questions are designed to be a guide for discussion and spiritual growth. The questions are derived as a response to the teaching at Orchard Community Church in Escondido Ca.  Orchard Community Church meets at Orange Glen High School in the Performing Arts Center at 9 and 10:30 on Sunday mornings.


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