Missions at Orchard

The focus of the Orchard's Outreach Team is to facilitate, know and coordinate outreach efforts.

The Orchard's Outreach Team will help direct mentor and give guidance and support to new and existing outreach ministries. Operating in this manner the Orchard's outreach ministry will be an intentional organized effort united working in cohesion under the influence of the Holy Spirit. We uniquely include or exclude projects based how they champion the value of evangelism.

We seek to put hands and feet to our faith within our communities and abroad to invite people to find hope experience love through faith in Jesus Christ. We desire to pour out the love of Jesus through strategic acts of kindness. Our prayer is that relationships may be developed which will afford the opportunity to share the gospel and lead people to put their faith, hope and trust in Jesus.

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Alternatives Medical Clinic

Contact: Cana Aeschbacher
Web: www.awc-ca.org
Email: caeschbacher@awc-ca.com
Tel: (760) 741-9796

Alternatives Women’s Center (AWC) is a non-profit, free AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) fully licensed clinic which provides a medical environment that protects the right to life of the pre born and offers guidance to women in North County who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, as well as those who are considering abortion. Alternatives, a life-affirming Christian ministry, has various volunteer needs. Training provided.

Child Evangelism Fellowship
Generate Hope


Heart 2 Heart International

Due to a corrupt government and a bad economy, Romania has been left with thousands of abandoned children living in government institutions. Living in these government institutions has left these children unloved and neglected, in need of medical, educational, and spiritual development.

Throughout the Scriptures we see God’s concern for the poor, widows, and orphans. As an organization based on Biblical principles, we are committed to caring for the physical and emotional needs of poor and abandoned children as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

H2H ministers in a number of ways to abandoned and orphaned children in the state operated orphanages. H2H also cares for abandoned infants and toddlers, provides education for school-aged children, and mentors and disciples older teens who have been institutionalized throughout their childhood.

Visit our ministries section to learn more about what we are doing in Romania.

Webster Family