Zoom is a relatively easy platform to use to communicate with people through what is traditionally known as video conferencing.

There are two main ways to connect (third way is to call in but this is not preferred)

  • Through a computer using the web browser or an app.
    • By using a simple web address provided by the meeting host you can click on the link and it should bring you to the conversation to log in.
    • On a computer you have the option to use your web browser or download the app.  The app can be manually downloaded here
  • Through a handheld device using an app.
    • a tablet or apple handheld device (iPad or iPhone) will require you to download the app to use the software. Google devices can download the app here.  Apple devices can download the app here.

Some Common Challenges:

Turn On Your Audio

This a common overlooked mistake.  IF YOUR AUDIO DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY TURN ON. On the bottom left screen there is a microphone.  You need to select both your Microphone and your Speaker.

Turn On Your Video

In the same corner as your audio there is a camera icon. Click on that and your camera should turn on.

Speaker Volume

If you hear an echo, often what is happening is your speaker volume is too loud and is causing feedback in your microphone.  A solution to this is to either turn down your volume, or grab a pair of headphones.

Mute and Unmute

If you are in a noisy environment a common courtesy is to mute your microphone in between when you are talking and not talking.  This is not a requirement; however, it does help with overall audio quality for the conversation.  This can be done in the bottom left of your screen.

Positioning of Device

It is best to not keep your device in your hand, instead find a good position and set the device down so that there is minimal motion while on the call.

Chat & Share Screen

On the bottom of the screen there are a few features to choose from.  The most useful is the “Chat.”  This feature allows you to type and respond to questions during the conversation.  It adds an extra layer of conversation for those that need it or want it.

The share screen is a fun feature for when you have something you’d like to show the other people on the conversation as well!

Multiple Devices Using the Same Screen Name

We all are inconvenienced by having to remember multiple password for all of the different devices that we have.  A common solution to this is to use the same username across multiple devices.  This does not work with Zoom, each person that wants to be on the conversation needs to have their own username (or enter as a guest in which case it will ask you for some information as you log in) otherwise it will not let them into the conversation.  Easy Solution- sign up for your own account and write down the username and password, you can sign up here.


What else can we help with?  Comment below other questions that you might have.

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