School of Leadership

Orchard Community Church has the only church-based program in San Diego North County that is offering the highest level accreditation in education and internship with Northwest University.


The Northwest Partnership Program

The Northwest Partnership Program partners with churches to offer college courses with the highest level of academic accreditation (including Associate and Bachelor degrees) as part of their church or ministry internship program.

Degrees Offered: Associate of Arts, Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational and Business Management. 

The Orchard School of Leadership

  • Vision: To train the next generation of ministry and community leaders through education and ministry experience.
  • Purpose: Orchard School of Leadership exists to provide adults with affordable, practical and accredited education and ministry experience.

Program Overview

Through our partnership with Northwest University, Orchard School of Leadership will provide students with the very best of both the academic and practical ministry environments. Northwest University faculty and Orchard staff and leaders will speak into your life on a daily basis, implanting the education and skills that you need to fulfill God’s plan for you. Students in the Orchard School of Leadership will be able to be enrolled full-time or part-time in Northwest University (NU) taking online classes and eventually classes with a live instructor. Concurrent with your courses, you will serve as a student at a thriving church where you can apply your education to real-world needs within Orchard’s community, focusing on a rotating ministry schedule within the church, and working closely with Orchard Leadership.

Program Highlights

This program is primarily for three types of people:

  1. Those who know or think they might be called to full-time ministry and want to explore that calling.
  2. Those that want to explore what it means to live out their faith in all aspects of their work experience in partnership with the church.
  3. Those who want an excellent internship program while at the same time fulfilling their general education requirement needed to complete their bachelor’s degree at a university with minimal school debt.

Quick Facts

  • Internship Credit – Students earn 3 credits per semester for their internship work, for free!
  • Degrees Offered – Associate of Arts, Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational and Business Management.
  • All courses have the highest level of accreditation – same as all major universities
  • A site fee of $1300 NPP Program Fee per semester provides resources for the NPP Partner’s Training Program
  • All tuition costs and the NPP Program Fee are eligible for federal financial aid (loans and grants)
  • All courses are also offered online, so a wide selection of courses are available to students.
  • NPP Partners earn scholarships toward any online NU Undergraduate or Graduate programs based on the number of students enrolled
  • Low Cost – $310 per credit

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