1.     What stood out to you from the sermon today? What was interesting and/or what did it cause you to think?

2.     Read Acts 13.

3.     How does Acts 13 and Acts 2 show resemblance? Pay close attention to Peter and Paul. What similarities do you see in the structure of their sermon?

4.     Take a look at Acts 13:1-22. Can you see the key factors of Baptism, Repentance and Salvation present? Where do you see them?

5.     How would you communicate to people today with regard to issues of Baptism, Repentance and Salvation? If you were Paul, today, how would you share with people who didn’t know anything about Jesus?

6.     As you read Paul’s description of the life of Jesus, how do you see the Jews responding to Jesus in Paul’s description? Why do you think people resist Jesus?

7.     How does God answer the rejection of Jesus by the world? See verses 32-41.

8.     What similarities do you see again between Peter and Paul in chapters 2 & 13?

9.     How do people respond to Paul and Barnabas preaching the Gospel?

10. How does Paul and Barnabas respond to them?

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