Working in the Presence of God | Genesis 1-2 | Work is Good

1. What do you do for work?

2. Have you ever felt like your work is insignificant? Describe what you were doing, what made you feel that way and how long it lasted for.

3. What do you believe that God thinks about work?

4. What do you believe about work from a Christian perspective? What is the goal of it?

5. In what way do you see work as being broken?

6. In what ways do you experience being broken (be specific as it relates to your experience)?

7. How can you begin to let Christ redeem your view of work?

Bible Study

1. Read Genesis 1-2. What is the original design for creation?

2. What does it say about God’s work? What did he do, when was it finished?

3. What are the effects of the fall as it relates to work? What is the significance of the word ‘toil’ or ‘pain’?

4. Read Romans 12:1-3, how does this speak to work being important to God?

5. Read Exodus 3, how do you see the theme of work emerging?

6. 1 Samuel 16, where do you see a theology of work here?

7. Esther, why is work an important theme here?

8. Genesis 37- 44 how does God meet these people in their work?

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