This week we are learning about the Fruit of The Spirit.

Start off with a fun family game!

Here are some options (Do one or do them all, up to you!)

Now it is time for worship and our lesson with Mrs. Ruth!

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Craft Time

Parent Discussion Guide

  1. Why do you think the Bible calls the characteristics “fruit”?
  2. If you can ask God one question right now, what would it be?
  3. Can you describe what some of the fruits are?  ie. what does it mean to have joy?
  4. How can you practice the “fruits” in your life while you are at home this week?
  5. Who should we pray for today?


The Orchard Community Church exists to invite people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ. It is always our goal to encourage people to find their place in the great big story of God. We hope this will help you on your journey.


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