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I count on one thing
The same God that never fails
Will not fail me now
You won’t fail me now
In the waiting
The same God who’s never late
Is working all things out
You’re working all things out


Yes I will lift You high
In the lowest valley
Yes I will bless Your name
Yes I will sing for joy
When my heart is heavy
All my days yes I will


I choose to praise
To glorify glorify
The name of all names
That nothing can stand against


For all my days
Yes I will



CCLI Song # 7105442
Eddie Hoagland | Jonathan Smith | Mia Fieldes







Verse 1
I’ve carried a burden
for too long on my own
I wasn’t created
to bear it alone
I hear Your invitation
to let it all go
I see it now
I’m laying it down
And I know that I need You


I run to the Father
I fall into grace
I’m done with the hiding
No reason to wait
My heart needs (found) a surgeon
My soul needs (found) a friend
So I’ll run to the Father
Again and again
And again and again


Oh oh oh


Verse 2
You saw my condition
Had a plan from the start
Your Son for redemption
The price for my heart
I don’t have a context
For that kind of love
I don’t understand
I can’t comprehend
All I know is I need You


Oh oh
Again and again
And again and again
Oh oh oh
(Again and again)


My heart has been in Your sights
Long before my first breath
Running into Your arms
Is running to life from death
I feel this rush deep in my chest
Your mercy is calling out
Just as I am You pull me in
And I know I need You now


CCLI Song # 7133494
Cody Carnes | Matt Maher | Ran Jackson






Verse 1
There’s nothing worth more
that will ever come close
No thing can compare
You’re our living hope
Your Presence


Verse 2
I’ve tasted and seen
of the sweetest of loves
Where my heart becomes free
and my shame is undone
In Your Presence Lord


Holy Spirit
You are welcome here
Come flood this place
and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God
is what our hearts long for
To be overcome
by Your Presence Lord


Your Presence Lord


Your Presence Lord
Your Presence
Oh God how we love Your Presence Lord


Let us become
more aware
of Your Presence
Let us experience
the glory
of Your goodness (Lord)



CCLI Song # 6087919
Bryan Torwalt | Katie Torwalt







Verse 1
There were walls between us
By the cross You came and broke them down
You broke them down
And there were chains around us
By Your grace we are no longer bound
No longer bound


You called me out of the grave
You called me into the light
You called my name and then my heart came alive


Your love is greater
Your love is stronger
Your love awakens awakens awakens me


Verse 2
Feel the darkness shaking
All the dead are coming back to life
I’m back to life
Hear the song awaken
All creation singing we’re alive
‘Cause You’re alive


And what a love we’ve found
Death can’t hold us down
We shout it out
We’re alive ’cause You’re alive


Your love awakens me
Your love is greater
Your love is stronger
You’re love awakens awakens awakens me



CCLI Song # 7054720
Chris Quilala | Phil Wickham



SERMON SERIES: Investing In The Future


TEACHER:  Dr. Assad Saif

PASSAGE: Luke 19:1-10



The Problem: Tenacity is Tough




Luke 19:1-4 (NIV)
Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through. 2 A man was there by the name of Zacchaeus; he was a chief tax collector and was wealthy. 3 He wanted to see who Jesus was, but because he was short he could not see over the crowd. 4 So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree to see him, since Jesus was coming that way.


Observation: Jesus is easier to see when we are determined. (vv. 1-4)




Luke 19:5-6 (NIV)
5 When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” 6 So he came down at once and welcomed him gladly.


Observation: Jesus makes things personal on purpose. (vv. 5-6)




Luke 19:7 (NIV)
7 All the people saw this and began to mutter, “He has gone to be the guest of a sinner.”


Observation: Doing God’s work comes with criticism. (v. 7)




Luke 19:8 (NIV)
8 But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now, I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.”


Main Point: Devotion expresses itself as Generosity. (v. 8)




Luke 19:9 (NIV)
9 Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. 10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”


Observation: Salvation is available to those who are all in with Jesus. (v. 9)



~End of Sermon~


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