Life Groups at the Orchard are places where people can connect with one another and discuss things they are learning in their lives as they participate Sundays at church. Our hope for you is that you would take some time to learn what God might be saying to you through your community.

We have several life groups that meet as part of Orchard Community Church in Escondido that meet all throughout North County San Diego. Our goal in encouraging people to be part of life groups is to challenge our community to 1) gather & 2) grow.

We have developed some questions, as you will see below, that are designed to help you both 1) discuss & 2) study. We hove you find these questions to be helpful and challenging!

Life Group

  1. Can you describe a time that you were uncomfortable sharing your faith with someone?
  2. What does it mean to “Get to know your neighbors by speaking their language?” What are the different languages of the North County?
  3. What are some barriers to getting to know your neighbors? How do we overcome them?
  4. What words do we use that we assume everybody knows (believer and non-believer)?
  5. What are people easily offended by today?
  6. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like your faith was offensive?
  7. What is your relationship like with your neighbors?

Bible Study

  1. Read Acts 17:16-34
  2. How many gospels are there in the New Testament and how are they represented in scripture?How do they tie together?
  3. Is the gospel being shared in Acts 17:16-34? How?
  4. Why is Jesus name not mentioned in Paul’s sharing of the gospel?
  5. What gods were being worshiped in Athens?
  6. Look up the word “missiology” and 1 Cor 9:19-23 discuss how Paul lives out missiology in this passage.

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