For all of our sermon questions, we like to ask three main questions.

  1. What is God saying to you?
  2. What does the Bible say?
  3. What will you do?

We will ask some of the same questions each week as well as asking several different questions each week. We ask questions in this way because we believe God is doing something in the heart of the person that is asking the question. When we slow down long enough to ask the question “What is God saying to me?” we give ourselves the time and energy to pay attention to what He might be saying. The Bible questions are there to help us ensure we are hearing correctly from God. God’s word will always be consistent with His voice in our heart and mind. The final questions on “What will you do?” are designed to prompt you to search your heart on what God is saying and respond to it.

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  1. What is God saying to you?
  2. Considering the message today, what do you think God is saying to you?
  3. What are some of the themes present in this passage? How do they correlate with the previous weeks in our series?
  4. When is the last time you felt like you had a great season of rest? Describe it.


  1. What is the vine a reference to?
  2. Considering verse 2, explain what Jesus means about cutting off branches that do not bare fruit?
  3. Why is it hard for people to cut off branches that do not bare fruit in their personals?
  4. What does baring fruit look like in relationships?
  5. What does it mean to remain in Jesus? Review chapter 14 and look at references regarding “remain in me.”
  6. Explain verse 6-8 with regard to branches being thrown away and thrown into the fire.


  1. What applications from the message can you take away from this passage? How will you practice these?
  2. How do you practice resting in God in times of need? What are some tools that you can practice this week?
  3. Find someone to offer accountability to you with your rest and work rhythm.
  4. What work needs to be done in your life that rest will help you accomplish?

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