Life Groups at the Orchard are places where people can connect with one another and discuss things they are learning in their lives as they participate Sundays at church. Our hope for you is that you would take some time to learn what God might be saying to you through your community.

We have several life groups that meet as part of Orchard Community Church in Escondido that meet all throughout North County San Diego. Our goal in encouraging people to be part of life groups is to challenge our community to 1) gather & 2) grow.

We have developed some questions, as you will see below, that are designed to help you both 1) discuss, 2) study and 3) apply. We hope you find these questions to be helpful and challenging!

Life Group

  1. What stood out to you from the past message?
  2. What does a complacent person look like?
  3. Have you ever let your preconceived idea of who someone is stop you from having a relationship with them?
  4. Why do people think that their lives aren’t worth following?
  5. Have you ever invited someone to follow you?

Bible Study

  1. Read Luke 5.
  2. How did Jesus begin his ministry?
  3. Who are the healthy? Who are the sick?
  4. What does it mean to make a disciple?
  5. How do you see Jesus calling Levi as an act of empowerment? What are other scriptures that show empowerment?
  6. What was the Pharisees objection of Jesus?

Step Out

  1. How do you need to be empowered to step out in your faith?
  2. Name 3 people you can invite to follow you. Set a date and time to invite somebody.

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