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Take the First Step | Luke 5:1-11 | Be a Neighbor

Life Groups at the Orchard are places where people can connect with one another and discuss things they are learning in their lives as they participate Sundays at church. Our hope for you is that you would take some time to learn what God might be saying to you through your community. We have several…

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A Better Future | Genesis 41:46-57 | The Big Picture

Discussion Questions Read Genesis 41. Did anything stand out to you from the sermon today? How do you think people spend their money in the United States? What are your thoughts on Joseph’s dreams? What was Joseph’s history of ups and downs? How do you interpret God’s favor in Joseph’s life? What are some past…

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Deep Covenant | Genesis 15:1-5, 22:1-14 | The Big Picture

Life Group Discussion What stood out to you from the sermon this past Sunday? What does covenant mean to you? What kind of covenants do you have? Have any of your covenants exceeded your expectations? Do you have load bearing relationships in your life? What are the ways that we withhold from God?  How can…

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