Niños de la Promesa

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Located in Playas de Tijuana, this children's home houses over 50 boys and girls from ages 8 to 24, to carry them through school and career school or the university. This ministry takes in street children and children of prostitutes and drug addicts, giving them an opportunity to be educated and to learn about the love of Christ. Volunteers are needed for carpentry work, painting and cleaning. Find us on Facebook.

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I am so grateful to be partnered with Orchard Church for the establishment of a Bible College in Malawi, Africa for the training up and sending out of native pastors and missionaries.
Malawi is a small, land-locked country in the south/central part of Africa. It is the poorest country in the world.
We are in our second year with this group of five full-time Malawian students.
Each student has a calling for ministry and/or church planting in Malawi.
We are studying through the Bible book-by-book so that, upon graduation, they can take God's Word into the darkest parts of this country and establish their own indigenous communities of believers.
Please continue to pray for us! There are many obstacles and challenges facing the spread of the Gospel here in Malawi.
Every morning during our prayer time around the table the students thank God for you. They are so grateful for your prayers and support which make it possible for them to learn the Bible and then go out into the streets and preach it.
May God bless you so much. We love you!


The Websters in France

Serving with Independent Faith Mission since 1984


After 30 years dedicated to church revitalization and the training of nationals in the Province of Québec, Canada, God sent The Websters to France in 2016 to continue with the same emphasis. They now serve with Église Biblique Baptiste de Rouen, Rouen, Normandy, France.

The Bible Institute that we helped to organize in Québec was patterned after the one in Algrange, France, which has been in operation now since 1978.  Mike recently had the privilege of teaching there for the first time.  Melanie tagged along enabling both of us to profit from time with both current students and long-time personnel of the school.  Please pray for this ministry that God would continue to protect it and provide for it’s needs into the future.  Clicking on the following link will take you to the English section of their site:  Baptist Pastoral Bible Institute

Heart 2 Heart International

Due to a corrupt government and a bad economy, Romania has been left with thousands of abandoned children living in government institutions. Living in these government institutions has left these children unloved and neglected, in need of medical, educational, and spiritual development.

Throughout the Scriptures we see God’s concern for the poor, widows, and orphans. As an organization based on Biblical principles, we are committed to caring for the physical and emotional needs of poor and abandoned children as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

H2H ministers in a number of ways to abandoned and orphaned children in the state operated orphanages. H2H also cares for abandoned infants and toddlers, provides education for school-aged children, and mentors and disciples older teens who have been institutionalized throughout their childhood. Visit our ministries section to learn more about what we are doing in Romania.