Date: 8/13
Passage:   James 5:1-6
Title: Earthly Riches Without Christ
Sermon Notes/Church Bulletin
This week's email bulletin!

Have you ever heard the words...?

I feel like my life is filled with story after story of people telling me not to do this or not to pick up that... I should've listened.  Have you ever felt like that?

I have.  When someone warns us they are trying to prevent us from harm or keep us from making a major mistake.  As we near the end of this series, we will be focused on James chapter five and the warnings and encouragements associated with it.

We also have "Water Day" tomorrow!  So bring your friends and family members kiddos and have them join our children's ministry as they play in the water during church.  We want to keep making OCC a fun place for kids, families, and young adults who want to be on God's mission!

This September we have a new series starting called the God Questions.  I will be preaching on the 6 major questions skeptics have about God and end our series with a panel discussion taking questions from people in the crowd.  It's going to be great!  In addition to that we will have life groups meeting going through the topics and podcasts highlighting key issues.  This will all take place in September.

If you need prayer always feel free to send me and email.


AuthorAlan Palmer