Date: 7/2
Passage:   James 1:19-27
Theme: Do
Sermon Notes/Church Bulletin
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Can you practice what you preach?

Boy is this the question in our house...  As a Preacher it is important to me to make sure I practice what I preach.  Somethings are harder than other.  Regardless of how hard it may be to practice the things I preach I want my kids to know that I am doing my best.  I'm doing my best to strive toward worshipping God and live out what the Bible teaches.  This attitude reflects the posture of my heart toward God.  I'm not perfect... I fail at times... And in those moments of failure, I recognize how big the grace of God is.  Isn't that encouraging?

This weekend we will talk about what the Bible says about "faith" and "works" and how the two come together.  We will also be taking communion so I invite you to join us as we celebrate our Lord.

Don't forget to use the teacher's parking lot in the back of the school as there is a major track meet happening this week.


AuthorAlan Palmer