Mother's Day is an awesome day to celebrate!

There are many reasons to celebrate throughout the year.  Mother's day holds a special day in many of our hearts because of how selfless Mom's can be.  If there is one things I've learned it is that if a mom has many children or no children at all, she has given much to care for and love children.  The Gospel is relevant to this in that we see the loving hand of God displayed in the selfless work of Christ on the cross.  

Tomorrow we will take a look at what the bible says about parenting.  Our new series is titled Life in God's Family and we kick it off on Mother's Day.  My hope over the next few weeks is to take you on a journey of what it means to live in God's family.  I pray you will be both encouraged and challenged as we study Life in God's Family.  Start tomorrow by celebrating Mother's Day!


AuthorAlan Palmer