Date: 4/30
Passage:   Exodus 3
Theme: Second Chances
Sermon Notes/Church Bulletin
This week's email bulletin!

Are you ready for tomorrow?
Tomorrow morning we will be taking a look at the story of Moses and how God Invites him on an amazing journey. God calls Moses into something bigger than himself and through it Moses learns about a guy that saves, rescues and empowers.

The same is true for the Orchard Community Church.  Tomorrow afternoon we will be "launched" or commissioned as an independent church.  This is very exciting!  We set out to be a healthy church that invites people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ.  We have been and will continue to do that.  Tomorrow we celebrate at our sending Church this historic moment.

I hope to see you at church in the morning and for our celebration at Emmanuel Faith tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm.

Remember God is working in and though us.  He invites us to trust and obey Him.  What an amazing God we have!

God Bless You,
Assad Saif


AuthorAlan Palmer