Date: 4/23
Passage:   Ephesians 2:1-10
Theme: We Live
Sermon Notes/Church Bulletin
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OCC Independence & Laying On of Hands
I've just recently been informed that the EFCC Elder Board has voted to move OCC towards Independence by way of the Laing on of Hands by the EFCC Elders upon the OCC Elders.

This is exciting and only part of the process of our independence at OCC.
There are two major parts to this.
1) Spiritual Authority & Leadership
2) Legal & Business Administration

OCC will be commissioned publicly at the EFCC Annual Meeting on Sunday 4/30.  We will continue to work with EFCC as we still have Legal and Business aspects to make sure happen.  The target date for OCC's Legal and Business independence will be somewhere between June 1st and September 1st.  The reason for that is it takes time to iron out all of the aspects required to be a legal corporation.

We will need to announce this to our congregation THIS Sunday.  I've invited both Dave Hall & Werner Jacobsen to share about this at OCC's service this Sunday.  They will take five minutes or so to share.

I will need all of your help to get the word out.  We will want to try and get as many people as possible over to the EFCC Annual Meeting so that we can show EFCC folks how 65 adults and kids became 150 adults and kids.  This is very exciting.

~Assad Saif


AuthorAlan Palmer