Date: 1/29
Passage:    Matthew 6:19-24
Theme:   Partner
Sermon Notes/Church Bulletin
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Whom do you serve?

Sounds like an easy question doesn't it?
It's not as easy a question as you think.  Jesus takes a hard line on how how we handle money and how it affects our worship of him.  Tomorrow we will be taking a look at what it means to be rooted when it comes to how we view handle our treasures in this life.  It's easy to see this as a "money" issue but really it is a look at the material and immaterial things we leave here on earth and take with us to heaven.  I'm excited to share this message with you!  Hope to see you at church.

I say that because you matter here at the Orchard.  Each one of us is building into this church making it strong every Sunday.  We do all of this to "invite people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ."  That is our vision.  I invite you to join me in inviting others to take a look at what I think the community of God really looks like.  I thank you for making Orchard one of the best churches I've ever been to here in the united states and around the world.  Again... See you tomorrow! :)


AuthorAlan Palmer