Date: 1/22
Passage:   2 Timothy 2:1-13
Theme:  Truth
Sermon Notes/Church Bulletin
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Do you have a hard time showing up to Church on Sundays?

I used to.
For a number of reasons I used to struggle with the notion of going to church on Sunday and understanding how I was spiritually growing by being part of a church, listening to the Pastor preach and the music leader sing.  13 years ago everything for me changed.  I learned some hard lessons. I'll have to share them in detail with you some time.  For now I'll say what I learned was I need you.  That's right, you.  

You see spiritual growth happens by design (you were made to grow) and under pressure (like coal becoming diamonds).  I didn't realize that our timeSunday mornings were so critical to my life until I didn't have them.  I didn't realize how important a healthy loving church was until I didn't have one.  When I set out to establish the Orchard, my hope was to create a place where people had space to grow as a believer because they wanted to.  I also wanted to create an atmosphere where people genuinely loved each other.  This means people needed to like each other. :)  I found some major leaders, honestly I should be saying God sent me major leaders because that is what happened.  These leaders invested sacrificially into the church and because of that we have a community of faith, hope and love.  

I've learned from these leaders what it looks like to sacrifice your life for the sake of others personal and corporate spiritual growth.  I invite you to make ourSunday gatherings a priority for that reason.  That reason being, we have been given a gift of a community of faith that sacrifices to love each other.  And we like each other. :)  I can't wait to share the message with you tomorrow.  Know that I think and pray for you.

God Bless You,
Assad Saif


AuthorAlan Palmer