Date: 12/4
Passage: Luke 3:4-6
Theme:  Prepare
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How do you prepare?

Tomorrow morning we will be focusing on how we prepare our hearts for Christmas.  Hopefully this sermon will help you to think about how you remember Jesus arriving through his mother Mary and how He will arrive again.  This sermon series has been challenging me personally to think of both the first and second coming of Christ.  As we study what it means to prepare our hearts my hope is that you would join me in being excited about seeing Jesus again, face to face.

I posted a short video on Facebook on how my family prepares for Christmas, feel free to check it out on my Facebook page.

A couple of important things you should know:

We are in the practice gym tomorrow and next week.
The Christmas Concert is tomorrow and we are investing time and money into it to make it special for you, your family and friends so please invite people.
We will have our Christmas Cookie Decorating party on Saturday 12/17 4pm-5:30pm @ Orange Glen HIgh School.
We have two Christmas Eve services at 5pm & 6pm at Orange Glen High School.
No services Christmas day.
You can always find event information on our website
You can help us represent the orchard by clicking the links below to give us a review on yelp and Facebook.  This helps us tell others about our church.  We also have a iPhone and Android app you can download by clicking the links below.

God Bless You,
Assad Saif

AuthorAlan Palmer