2200 Glenridge Rd, Escondido, CA 92027

Five months after we opened our doors, we baptized seven people who had made decisions to walk closer in their relationship with Jesus.  In December 2014 we baptized two more!

The past eleven months have been an awesome reminder that our God is alive and still at work! We launched Orchard Community Church (OCC) in January with a Grand Opening on Easter and have seen God do some great things. Our vision at OCC is to invite people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ.

We want to be a church that loves our community by loving our
neighbors and striving to develop real relationships one by one with people.

2200 Glenridge Rd, Escondido, CA 92027

We walked the city streets hanging flyers on doors hoping to begin relationships with people who lived in the area. One by one we've seen people who hadn't attended church before make OCC their church home. One case in particular was very encouraging. Rosa and Oscar had not been to church together but received one of our flyers. They put it on their refrigerator and decided that when the time was right, they would attend OCC. Four months later they attended and after a month, Rosa made a first time decision to trust in Jesus.   This is the beginning of what we hope to be to many people in North East Escondido. There are many churches in Escondido, but very few with the express purpose of reaching the North East part of town. This is an area where many elementary, junior high and high school students call home, and day after day without bus transportation walk (in many cases) more than a mile to and from school.

The new church is depending on God for the resources needed for such a ministry to be effective.

One of those important resources is a team of people who will pray. Would you consider being a prayer partner? I deeply believe that this ministry will depend upon the faithful prayer of partners. 

The OCC ministry team members have already made a personal commitment of and will continue to give faithfully and sacrificially. However, this new and young church is in need of others who will also invest in this ministry until, as a church, it is mature enough to stand on its own financially.  For this reason 200 people are needed who would give $25 or more each month and 50 people who would give $50 or more each month for the next year. The hope is to raise $90,000 in the first year, $50,000 in the second year and $30,000 in the third year to see Orchard Community Church effectively launched. Would you consider partnering in this area as well?

2200 Glenridge Rd, Escondido, CA 92027

Should you decide to support Orchard Community Church, please click on this link here taking you to the online donation page.   All contributions are tax deductible, and 100% of what you give will be applied towards this ministry.

Thanks for allowing me to share this opportunity with you. Should you have any questions, please call.
Sincerely in Christ,

Assad Saif