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The focus of the Orchard's Outreach Team is to facilitate, know and coordinate outreach efforts. The Orchard's Outreach Team will help direct mentor and give guidance and support to new and existing outreach ministries .Operating in this manner the Orchard's outreach ministry will be an intentional organized effort united working in cohesion under the influence of the Holy Spirit. We uniquely include or exclude projects based how they champion the value of evangelism. We seek to put hands and feet to our faith within our communities and abroad to invite people to find hope experience love through faith in Jesus Christ. We desire to pour out the love of Jesus through strategic acts of kindness. Our prayer is that relationships may be developed which will afford the opportunity to share the gospel and lead people to put their faith, hope and trust in Jesus.


For more information about the Orchard Community Church's Outreach programs and or how you can help and become involved contact one of our Outreach Team Leaders.

OCC Outreach Leadership

Fred Franklin            

Deborah Franklin

Loreta Villemez

Joseph Cardoza

Jodi Battle