Leading Events

We are thrilled when regular attendees of the Orchard get excited to lead and do event that can help us reach this community.  Anybody can lead an event outside the church so what makes it different when the church gets behind it?  The difference is primarily that we want to invite the whole church to that event and because of that we know it is important to have mature leadership and oversight.  If you are interested in leading and event or have been tasked by one of leaders in our church to lead an event we invite you to participate in thinking, organizing and planning process.

See below for the steps to introduce your idea.

Step 1:  Concept

As you begin thinking about what it is you think would help us invite people to find hope, experience love through faith in Christ the seven questions we have are 1. Who?  2. What?  3. When?  4. Where?  5. Why?  6. How?  7. How does it fit with our vision?  This should all be able to fit on one page of paper.  Once you have this the next step is to find someone on our executive team who can help you think through the next steps.

Step 2:  Accountability

Once you've completed your concept the next step is finding someone on our executive leadership team that can help you think through some details and work with our overall annual planning calendar.  This person will let you know whether or not your idea truly fits the vision of the church and where it may or may not have overlap with other ministries.  You need to submit this idea to a executive team member who can bring your idea to the leadership).  To contact one of our leaders please click here.

Step 3:  Planning

Once you have approval you can begin planning.  See the OCC event planning document here and the event planning checklist here.  It is a template so you will have to change the names, dates and activities.