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Welcome to Membership @ The Orchard!

Becoming a member anywhere requires commitment and heart.  At the Orchard our hope is to invite people into our church family who want to be committed to see God transform the community of Escondido by inviting people to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ.  The church is called the “body of Christ” in the bible making it a living organism bound together by God Himself.  When people “join” a local church they are contributing to advancing the Kingdom of God on earth by participating in the progression of building up the Body of Christ.  There really is no greater mission on earth!

What is Membership @ The Orchard?

Here at the Orchard when we use the word “membership” we are defining it with words like, commitment, partnership, service, sacrifice and covenant relationship.  To be a member at a church is different than being a member anywhere else.  When you say you want to be a member at the Orchard you are saying that you believe this is where God wants you to be and where you believe God is alive and active.  We invite you to take a step and become part of the family at the Orchard where you will be part of what helps the church reach people by inviting them to find hope and experience love through faith in Christ.

What do we require?

Our requirements are simple:
       1.  Belong
                  a.  Be part of our church for at least six months or more.
       2.  Believe
                  a.  Learn about us by *watching or listening to a sermon series titled “Rooted @ The Orchard”.
                  b.  Go through our “Rooted @ The Orchard Devotional” with one other person of your choosing.
                       ($5 in print or free download).
                  c.  Read the OCC Constitution & By Laws by clicking here.
       3.  Become
                  a.  Join us at a member meeting where you share your story of putting your faith in Jesus for your

How can I get started?
At the Orchard we want to be great hosts!  The goal of course is to help you join the family so we will help you get started.  Getting started is easy!  Email us at membership@orchardcc.org and we will get in contact with you helping you along the way. Click here to download the PDF version of the "Rooted @ The Orchard" Devotional!
*Pastor Assad also did a whole sermon series on the subject, which you can find all 10 videos here!

Here is week 1 to get you started: