Connect with Life Groups at the Orchard



At Orchard Community Church, we'd like for you to get connected and involved in community. A great way to find community is by joining a life group. Life Groups meet at people's homes either once a week or every other week, depending on the group. During this time, you will pray for one another, study through the Bible together, and get to know one another in a different setting. Life groups are more than a Bible study; It's where community happens and supportive friendships are made!

Below is a list of Life Groups with more information. Find one that fits with your schedule and feel free to contact the leader directly or click on the connect button below. If you have any questions about Life Groups or what happens during these meetings, please contact Irma Cardoza at or Alan Palmer at


New Groups being formed!

In late August or Early September of this year, we will have a whole new list of life groups meeting on a variety of week days/evenings coming soon. If you have never joined a life group at The Orchard, don't be shy! This is your opportunity to make new friends and become involved in fellowship, worship, growth and serving our community.

Stay tuned!