Jr. High & High School Ministry


Junior High

At this level, youth become empowered constituents of the church. What this means is that the youth are encouraged to begin taking their faith in Jesus to the next level. To the very entertaining stories in the Old Testament, we add its prophetic element and explain how it was a foreshadow of things to come. In addition to studying the Scriptures at an in-depth level, we help them plan fellowship, outreach, and fundraising events. This is achieved by devoting ourselves to the development of close relationships with the junior highers.

High School

At this level, the youth are held accountable to serving alongside an adult in one of the ministries within the church (e.g. greeting, set-up/tear-down, etc.). In addition to this, they engage in an expositional bible study each week. This means that we help them to apply Scripture to their lives by helping them draw out the intended meaning of the passages. Furthermore, as temptation starts to increase during these pre-adult years, we begin to express the importance of peer accountability and help them set up ways to address this goal.