Children's Ministry Director (Part-time)

Orchard is looking for a Part-time Children's Ministry Director to oversee our Children's Ministry Program. The ideal person loves teaching and leading Children to love Jesus, and can help us grow the Children's Ministry Program.

This is an entry level position ideally for someone who recently graduated from seminary or a bible college.

Job Description


The purpose of this position is to provide overall leadership in the children's ministry area, birth through 6th grade. The basic functions of this position will be:

A. To develop and maintain the Children's Department of Orchard Community Church (OCC), working with all area coordinators; to develop a philosophy and strategy for the children's department; to continually evaluate needs and status.

B. To develop and nurture a children's ministry team through personal availability, regular office hours, regularly scheduled meetings, and regular visits to ministry areas.


A. Oversees the day-to-day functions of the Children's Department, working with the Early Childhood Coordinator, Elementary Coordinator, and Nursery Coordinator.

B. Meets regularly with the coordinators to insure the proper functions of the children's ministries.

C. Is responsible for supervising ministry secretaries and all coordinators.

D. Oversees the planning and execution of major events in the children's ministries: camps, V.B.S., banquets, conferences, etc.

E. Coordinates the OCC parent dedication process and class.

F. Coordinates the summer and winter camping programs.

G. Coordinates personnel and schedules for the various children's ministries and oversees worker recruitment and children's staff training.

H. Develops and oversees the annual children's budgets with the coordinators and insures that spending does not exceed it.

I. Counsels children and parents as needed and conducts baptism interviews for children.

J. Completes other job-related responsibilities, as required.


A. Concurs with the OCC Statement of Faith and, if not a member, completes the requirements for Church membership and joins within a one-year period.

B. Attends OCC worship services regularly.

C. Has a Bachelor's Degree in a suitable major from an accredited college or university or equivalent education and/or experience.

D. Has some experience working in a children's program with children and adults in a variety of responsibilities.

E. Is a capable administrator with the ability to organize different types of people and work with the existing systems.

F. Be a diplomatic, cooperative person, with the ability to resolve concerns.

G. Is able to develop relevant, high quality children's programs.

H. Is able to recruit workers, then administer the work by planning, organizing, delegating, training, assisting, and evaluating and giving appropriate feedback regarding the work of paid and volunteer people.

I. Has a comprehensive understanding of children.

J. Is able to relate well with children and adults.

K. Is able to communicate the Scriptures on a child's level.

L. Is able to interview and evaluate prospective children's leaders.

If you have a passion for Children, have a heart to teach Children about Jesus and work in a culture that invites people to find hope and experience love through Christ, then we invite you to apply.

Send resume to Carlos Maldonado.