Friend, I don’t know you… but I like to start the conversation assuming we will be or could be friends. So I’ll say to you, friend, make some goals for 2018. Go do something this year!

I didn’t do this last year and was able to still have an awesome time doing amazing things in most of these areas.  This year I wanted to take some time and write out my goals so that I would be able to measure them against my efforts.

To be clear I operate on a “grace based” theology, meaning, I don’t believe I deserve anything I have. Everything is therefore a gift from God and I take it that way. This includes my drive to accomplish my goals and acquisition thereof.

Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T. that is,

1) Strategic

2) Measurable

3) Achievable

4) Realistic

5) Timely

Here are some great categories to outline your goals for this year. Take some time to write your goals and share them with others you trust. For a sample you can see mine at

  1. Faith

  2. Family

  3. Fitness

  4. Finance

  5. Friends

  6. Fun

  7. Profession


AuthorAssad Saif