I am re-reading a book by Oswald Sanders titled “Spiritual Leadership” in hopes that I may continue to grow as a godly leader.  The first chapter always strikes me as a bit dissonant.  The title of the chapter is “Honorable Ambition” and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen those words together in other contexts.  Yet, there is truth to it.

Most times ambition is put in a category that we frown on in our Christian bubbles.  I’m not sure why this is, other than the obvious idea of building or attaining something for you rather God.  Ambition in my experience has helped me grow as an individual, helping me to seek higher goals and set plans to accomplish them.  For some ambition can be all consuming, causing them to depart from the things they know and love to things less desirable.  Yet ambition can be a Christian virtue when in the context of attaining for Jesus, building His Kingdom and not our own.

The critical question I've been faced with in this first chapter is “what is your motive for your ambition ?”.  I present this question to you.  What are your motives for your achievements in life?

Thought difficult at times to answer this question, it is important to do so.  The answer to this question per individual unlocks the value of the accomplishment.  This is to say that if we have ambition for things that help others and contribute toward God’s kingdom then the value of the pursuit and the achievement carries with it great weight.  If our ambition for the things that we seek to do only satisfy our own desire and vision, only we benefit.

This week work toward cultivating healthy motives which will inform your leadership of others.  Seek to honor God with your honorable ambition.







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AuthorAssad Saif