Much has been happening at Orchard Community Church over the last few months.  I’m writing to thank you for your prayers and to share an update as to how the Lord is working through your prayers and our efforts.


As you may know we had our grand opening for the Orchard back in April and since then have been noticing our congregation slowly beginning to grow.  We launched with 60 adults from Emmanuel Faith Community Church and have seen more than 80 people join them in regular attendance. We have on average about 100 adults each week.  It has been a joy to see them grow in their faith, connect in groups, serve in the church, and begin sharing with their friends and family about what God is doing at OCC.

One of the most significant things happening is the spiritual decision people have made to trust in Christ as their savior.  Eight people have come forward and declared their desire to be baptized. We took them through our baptism class and listened to their testimonies of faith and are excited to help them take this step.
Our first baptism service for Orchard Community Church will follow our 9:00am Sunday Service this Sunday July 13th at 10:00am sharp.  

A couple of things:

  1. I wanted to make sure to extend an invitation to you since you have journeyed with us in praying God would do a supernatural work in this part of Escondido.  
  2. If you haven’t been to the Orchard this weekend would be a great time to come.  
  3. Also I would like to ask you to pray for those getting baptized this week as well as to share with others what the Lord is doing.

Thank you again and know God is still changing lives!


Assad Saif

AuthorAssad Saif