Luke 2:19

19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 

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One of my kids was recently in children’s Christmas musical where so many little ones sang their heart out.  It was one of those musicals where there were so many kids you could barely here your own child if you listened closely.

All of the kids were so cute.  Most with a great big smile and most of them looking towards the audience.  Some were paying attention and others in their own little world.  As I took a look around I noticed the parents were each looking at their own children with a special gaze.  My wife and I especially took in the moment as we lovingly gazed upon our child.

That is how I picture Mary on this evening where she shared the birth of Jesus with the shepherds.  The shepherds were greatly impacted by the news of the birth of the newborn King and Mary… well she was able to enjoy this moment with special significance.

This is one of the greatest reminders to me to stop in the midst of the craziness of purchasing presents & complex schedules. 

Stop.  Take a moment & gaze upon Jesus with special significance.

AuthorAssad Saif