Day One:  Isaiah 7:14

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Isaiah 7:14

14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you[c] a sign: The virgin[d] will conceive and give birth to a son, and[e] will call him Immanuel.[f]



The Lord would give you a sign…   What if a guy who claimed to be a prophet of God told you that “The Lord would give you a sign” and that that sign would be a child conceived of a virgin birth who would eventually call himself Immanuel which means “God with us”.

As crazy as it sounds the prophecy hadn’t been fulfilled until nearly 700 years later and that child was Jesus.  I can’t help but imagine what the people of Israel thought when considering the possibility that a 700 year old prophecy would have been fulfilled before their very eyes.  It would have been breathtaking to live during this time.

Remember to celebrate the sign of Christ’s birth as the greatest sign that continually brings great hope and joy

AuthorAssad Saif