Orchard Community Church has launched a new campaign called “Your Best Gift” in December to grow our cash reserves, and increase our budget to hire an additional Youth Director in 2018.  This new role will be responsible for helping manage the current growth of our Youth Program.  We believe God is continuing to bless OCC spiritually and numerically, and as a church, we need to align our giving to what God is doing at OCC. This giving campaign is above and beyond your current giving.  The campaign will run from December 2017 to May 2018.

There are three ways you can give:

1.  Online Giving:  We have established a new “Your Best Gift Campaign” Fund online.

2.  Checks:  You can write checks to Orchard Community Church and write “Your Best Gift” in the memo space on your check.

3.  Cash:  If you decide to give cash towards this campaign, please use the special envelopes marked “Your Best Gift.”

The Elders and leaders at OCC understand that we are asking you to give sacrificially.  However, we also believe with God anything is possible and He is faithful and will give each person the ability to give towards this campaign.  We do ask that you would pray and faithfully consider joining us in this journey in “Inviting people to find Hope and experience Love in Christ Jesus.”

For questions on how to give online, please call (760) 746-3263 or email occtreasurer@orchardcc.org.